We believe
in seeking together.

CCU strives to be an open community where all are welcome to come together in search of God. We welcome questions and share answers; we value different perspectives and experiences. We enjoy wrestling with the challenging social and intellectual issues posed by Christianity and are open to wisdom from lots of different sources. But if we had to say something about what “we” believe, most of us might say something like:

We see the Spirit of God in all people.  We see Jesus as human and completely united with the Spirit of God. He made God the center of his life and calls us to join him in doing the same. We come together as Church to answer that call. Scripture--understood in light of Jesus--reveals God as loving, compassionate, non-violent, and inclusive.  Where there is an interpretive opportunity, in light of our experience of Jesus’ presence, we choose the most loving, peace-promoting, and justice-serving path. We study and reflect upon the Jesus of Scripture as healer and teacher demonstrating a life embodying God's self-giving love. We are a church that believes in the importance of environmental stewardship and peacemaking and we are known by the actions of our members in the larger community.  We are a church with a sense of celebration and beauty that finds artistic expression of our faith through creative worship, especially through music.