IT'S SUMMERTIME! If you're of a certain generation, the song from Porgy and Bessimmediately comes to mind: "Summertime... and the livin' is easy" - remember that?  Of course, if you're from another generation, you might think of Olaf the the snowman from Frozen singing about what he dreams of doing "In Summer." I wonder if it was summertime when Jesus and the disciples found themselves on the wind-whipped Sea of Galilee.  Come to worship this Father's Day Sunday (bring your Dad - in person or in your heart) and let's pray together for those parts of this summer when the livin' is anything but easy.  Our world is gradually emerging from a pandemic and there is still such unrest on the national and international scene... and the message from Mark's gospel is that Jesus is with us even in those times, inviting us to have faith.