We have a special love and passion for the youngest disciples among us…our keiki! Part of our mission is to encourage and build up young families with care, friendship and support and to help young people come to know God through the love of their extended church family.

Worship: We welcome disciples of all ages to be with us throughout worship and encourage each family to do what feels right for them. At every service, we offer a special moment designed to speak directly to our youngest disciples, and we encouage little ones to be present for it. We offer Keiki Church for kids over 5 concurrent with worship: an age appropriate time of learning about God, Scripture and faith through story, singing, and arts. For those littlest ones (four and under), our compassionate staff provide nursery care in the 'Ohana room just adjacent to the sanctuary, 9:30-11:30am. You can simply check in with our childcare worker(s) when you arrive and they will get you oriented and settled.

Keiki Church, an all-ages Sunday school class has resumed. We typically take a hiatus during the summer months. The class meets upstairs in Room B2 and is always led by two of our wonderful volunteer teachers. The class follows a teaching model called “Worship and Wonder” which seeks to introduce kids to God’s love and the stories of the Bible through art, prayer, singing and playing.


Wondering about baptism or baby dedication?

We celebrate opportunities to welcome young people into the family of God, either through baptism or baby dedication. (Baby dedication is a practice of welcoming a little one into the church family without the sacrament of baptism. This works well for families, especially those within the Disciples tradition, who believe baptism should be a personal choice made when someone of age comes to know God through Christ.) If you are interested in having your child baptized, please contact our pastor to discuss it further.