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    Making Love: The Song of Songs and Christian Sexual Ethics for the 21st Century

    Sex is everywhere:  in the news, on TV, on our minds…and in our bibles. Amidst the confusing and often conflicting witness about embodiment and intimacy offered by scripture, one book stands out as a shameless affirmation of love and its physical expression: the Song of Songs. An erotic poem at the heart of our Old Testament, the Song is an ode to two young lovers entranced by the delights of embodiment, sensuality and love. It is a blush-worthy and oft-ignored corner of our bible. But as recent debates have sought to narrow sexual ethics to a single issue, the time is ripe to take another look at the Song . It has guidance to offer us for developing a broader, deeper framework for thinking about sexuality…especially as it is lived out by people of faith. It also opens the door to questions about intimacy with God and the building up of Christian community.

    Join us for this six week series as we explore this biblical witness, ask questions of our tradition and discuss what a progressive, affirmative Christian sexual ethic for today might look like. Begins Sunday, September 20. Runs 8:30-9:20am through October 25.

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